Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Dirty Little Story

Friday after work I rode with Larry out north of town to a Prairie Chicken Lek. Prairie Chickens are on the endangered species and a Lek is where they do their mating dance. They are pretty skittish, so to get pictures of them you have to get into your blind an hour before sunrise, then sit and wait for them to make their appearance. To keep from having to get up so early and setting the blind up in the dark, Larry decided to put the blind up the night before.

So off we go, on the trek to the Lek. Though it's a little out of character for me, I went right along beside him, including shimmy-ing under a low barbed-wire fence. I helped him set the blind up, which was no easy task in the wind. Then Larry
debated about whether to leave it there because it was so very windy. After deciding the stakes would hold on through the night, we started making our way back to the car.

Again I had to get flat on my back and scoot under the fence. I got up, brushed myself off and commented to Larry that he probably thought I was too big of a pansy to do that. Just about that time my foot landed in some mud, slipped out from under me, and down I went. I didn't get just a little muddy - I was covered. I got up and washed my hands off with some near-by snow. There were some newspapers in Larry's car, so I spread them out on the seat so I wouldn't have to take my clothes off to ride back into town.

I do hope Larry enjoyed having company along on this little outing, because though it was pretty funny, it may be awhile before I venture out in the "wild" again!


Dawn said...

Oh my Janice, what a provocative title! And then I saw a picture of Larry and a tent in the country. What disappointment to find that you wouldn't be adventurous and go out there again! So, did the tent hold?

Hilary said...

Wow. I am quite surprised at your little adventure. You didn't go back in the morning to see the Lek?....Like Dawn, I was a little concerned about where this story was going when I saw the title and the first picture. Ha!