Thursday, January 15, 2009

Life is a Cycle.

I'm not so good at posting on my blog. I think I have to wait until I have lots of time and pictures to go with everything - but I don't think that is going to happen, so I'm just going to go ahead and post now.

Today I sang at a funeral for Arnold Pratt. He was a very, very dear man - one of my favorite people. He would have been 94 in February. He always gave me a hug and encouragement. He was still teaching Sunday School the Sunday before last. He sang in the choir until he was 90. I will really miss Arnold and I know lots of people here at church will. He has given some money so we can have an automatic door at one of the entrances so the "old people" can get in the door easier.

Monday I sang at my grandmother Patton's funeral. She was 98. She was an amazing woman! She lived by herself until she was past 96. On her 96th birthday my cousin gave her a ride on his motorcycle. I guess she liked it because she got another ride on her 97th birthday. (Does that qualify for a "cycle of life?") She had five children, 20 grandchildren and many, many great-grandchildren and several great-great grandchildren. Hollace had the privilege of meeting her and going to see her a few times. She made the best home-made noodles in the world...and continued making them as long as she was at home. She was a great cook. She was also a wonderful seamstress. She made lots of beautiful quilts. On her casket, instead of flowers, they had three of her quilts. I thought that was really neat. She was Emmanual Baptist Church, Enid's oldest member.

Both my grandmother and Arnold lived long Christian lives. Last Monday I went to Mike Duncan's mother's funeral. She lived a great Christian life, but just not as long. I believe she was 73 and she died suddenly. I didn't know her well, but if Mike is a testament of the kind of woman she was, then I'm impressed, because I think Mike is the greatest.

This Saturday I will attend one more funeral - for Dedrick Washington. I'm not sure how old Dedrick was - around 32 or so. I'm so sad for Nicole and Nyomi and Isaiah. What a tragedy!

So that is my sad past 2 weeks. I look forward to the next few weeks being happy as I get to go meet my new grandson who is due the first part of February!

Life is a cycle! If you haven't read Ecclesiastes 3 in awhile, now is a good time to do that.


Dawn said...

Thanks for those comments on all those people. Your Grandma, Mike's Mom and Arnold are all great examples of living life to the fullest as long as you have breath.

Becky said...

This does seem like a week of loss, but our loss is heaven's gain. And what wonderful testimonies those three lives had here on earth!

Andi said...

Hey Janice,
Thanks for the comment on my blog. I started crying during America the Beautiful, and it was all over from there. I cry every time any patriotic song is played. Anyway, as I said, I loved the concert, and have heard nothing but great things about it. Oh, and my friend's 7 year old daughter accepted Christ during the prayer!