Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Vacation Bible School Time

The children's area at church is being transformed to "Bible School Land." Years ago when I taught Bible School I put Christmas Tree lights on the doorway and called them "Bible School Lights." That's basically the decorating that was done for the week. Then other people started using lights, then other things, and on and on. Now you can go down the hall during Bible School and feel like you're at a real luau, or in the wilderness, or in outer space. The creativity, energy and willingness of those decorating the rooms amaze me!

When I was a little girl Bible School lasted TWO WEEKS! And we had an open house at the end of the school. I remember making a jewelry box by pasting pasta on a cigar box and spray painting it gold. I also remember making a picture of a rooster using different kinds of beans. I'm not sure what they could have possibly had to do with the Bible story, but it was fun and it has made me remember Bible School.

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Hilary said...

Interesting how things change. I agree, the decorationgs are over the top! By the way, you've been tagged. Go to my blog for the details.